Fire Prevention Tips And Tricks

Fire is one of the most unforgiving and deadly elements on the planet.  When dealing with fire you need to be extremely careful to ensure that it doesn’t go out of control.  Sprinkler systems are a very effective tool if maintained well and checked frequently by a fire sprinkler contractor sparks nv. But there are other tools available too.

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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the first line of defense when it comes to fire prevention.  A smoke detector will use its sensors to detect the presence of chemicals in the air associated with fire.  When these are detected the smoke detector will sound an alarm notifying you of a fire.

Keep flammable material away from heat

Oil, gas, paper and fabric are all combustible and flammable materials that if are brought into contact with fire or extreme heat will catch on fire.  When you have items around your oven, candles, fireplace or other areas where fire could become present, they are at risk of igniting and catching fire.

Don’t put water on a grease fire

Water and grease are opposite compounds.  Grease is lighter that water and as a result will float to the top.  When throwing water on a grease fire you are not extinguishing the fire but rather spreading the grease around causing it to spread and get bigger.  When you come in contact with a grease fire you want to use salt, a fire extinguisher or sand to put it out.  These materials will remove the oxygen and breakup the oil compounds.

Practice escape drills

The best way to survive a fire is not to be there.  It is important that you practice escape drills with your family on a regular basis.  Let everyone know where the closest exits are, where a meetup place will be and who to contact in the case of an emergency.  Practicing this once a year will help to keep everyone up to speed on what to do if there is ever a fire.